Tokyo is a premier city in Asia, being a mover and shaker in the fields of fashion, entertainment, and technology. Since the city has a lot to offer, budding travellers like you must have put Tokyo in your must-visit cities.

Making your itinerary can be a bit tricky, as you have to consider the travel to and from your destination. To save you from such stress, here are some suggested must-see places around the city, including transportation.

For the Kid and Kid at Heart

Do you have your share of watching anime series or have read manga in the past? Are you fond of collecting items from Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse? Relive that moment on your visit to Tokyo!

A Tokyo trip will not be complete without visiting Tokyo Disneyland. The first in Asia, the theme park boasts of various attractions, bringing sweet memories of your childhood. Getting to Tokyo Disneyland from Narita Airport is easy. The airport offers fixed-fare taxis that bring you safely to your destination. The trip usually takes 40 minutes to an hour and costs JPY 18,000 to 28,000 for a one-way trip and JPY 34,000 to 56,000 for a round trip.

For the Trendsetter

Heading to Shinjuku to score for the latest fashionable dibs that you would later use as you party the Japanese way? You can reach Shinjuku as easy as 123 by taxi from Narita Airport. Although the trip may last for 50-90 minutes and costs JPY 19,000 to 29,000 for a one-way route and JPY 36,000 to 56,000 for round trip, rest assured that the moment you set foot on Shinjuku you will be out and about in no time!

Be guided that the aforementioned taxi rates are based on the distance between Narita and your destination. Taxi rates from your hotel to your destination may vary, depending on the location and the traffic situation.

According to reports Tokyo is visited by approximately 35 million tourists every year. Now where are some of the best places for these tourists to go? Here are some of the highest visited places to go to in Tokyo


Akihabara, named after a local shrine called Akiba, is widely considered the electronics capital of Tokyo. However, lately Akihabara has also gotten the distinction of being the Otaku (diehard fan) center of Tokyo, with many anime/manga stories being set up amongst the electronic stores. Many tourists come to visit Akihabara because many of the products for both electronic and anime are only sold in this area of Tokyo. Located in the center of the city visitors can expect to pay around ¥3000 – ¥4000 ($30 -$40 USD) for taxi fare depending on the location of the hotel and traffic.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

The Tokyo Imperial Palace is one of the most historical places that one can visit in Japan. It is built upon remains of the old Edo Castle which served as the base of the Tokugawa shogun for over 200 years. After the Tokugawa were overthrown the Imperial Family moved the nation’s capital from Kyoto to Japan and built the Palace over Edo Castle. The palace is located near Tokyo station and many of the hotels and airports. Those who would want to take taxi’s from the palace to almost any location in Tokyo can expect to pay around ¥1,500 – ¥4000 ($15 – $40 USD) due to the location of the palace.

Tokyo Disneyland

One of the largest Disneyland’s in all of Asia, Tokyo Disneyland is something one cannot miss when visiting Tokyo. Located approximately 60km from the airport, taxi fees maybe steep costing about ¥150,000 ($150 USD). However, there are several hotels such as the Hilton Tokyo bay which provide direct transport to and from the amusement park.