Finding an accommodation that best fits your personality can be a bit tricky. Proximity to shopping/business districts, tourist attractions and party places are taken into consideration. To help you personalize your stay in Tokyo, here is a rundown of accommodations that suits your discriminating taste.

For the Culture Vulture

Do you want to immerse yourself in the Japanese culture? Then, why not stay at Andon Ryokan? The hotel gives its guests a glimpse of the rich Japanese culture evident in the minimalist design of the hotel and packages that showcases the tradition of the Japanese. Hotel rates a night start at JPY 8,052. An almost an hour ride from Narita Airport to Asakusa station costs approximately JPY 21,000.

For the Trendy Party Goer

Want to check out the latest in Japanese fashion and party the Japanese way afterwards? Staying at Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel is your best bet! Situated at the shopping and party district of Shinjuku, Tokyo, the place will guarantee that you’ll have a dose of what’s in and hot in the Tokyo scene! Hotel rates per night start at JPY 49,000. A 1 to 1 1/2 hour taxi ride that would bring you from Narita Airport to Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel costs JPY 22,750.

For the Businessman

If you are looking for a place that is accessible to business and shopping districts, try booking at a hotel in Tokyo district. You can even go shopping here once you are done with your meetings. You may wish to stay at The Imperial Palace which charges JPY 34,400 a night. Getting there from Narita Airport via taxi would take around 56 minutes and costs approximately JPY 20,370.

This is just three of the many hotels around Tokyo that was built to meet the demands as well as the personality of their visitors and guests. Now who says you will not find a home away from home?

In a large metropolitan city like Tokyo finding the right hotel for your needs can be difficult for any traveler. If you are planning on visiting Tokyo here are some hotels you may want to think about lodging in:

Ana Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo

Located in the luxurious Ark Hills district, the Ana Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo offers guests over 300 spacious rooms along with 5 star amenities. Ana Intercontinental Hotel is located about 30 minutes from Narita International Airport and taxi fares from the Airport to the hotel will cost approximately ¥3,200 ($32 USD). The hotel is also near to Akasaka and nightlife of Roppong with taxi fares ranging less than ¥1,500 ($15USD).

Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel

Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel is the official hotel of Tokyo Disneyland, distinctly recognizable by its crescent shape the hotel provides 5 star services that all Hilton hotels are known for. This hotel is located about 60 km from Narita and taxi fares from the Airport will cost approximately ¥15,000 ($150 USD). Hilton Tokyo Bay has direct transport to Tokyo Disneyland but for those who would like to take a taxi it would cost approximately ¥1,500 ($15 USD).

Hotel Nikko Tokyo:

Located just near the waterfront, Hotel Nikko Tokyo offers its guest 5 star room and lodging while being located near the city center and allowing for a breathtaking view of Tokyo Bay. Located just about 20km from Narita taxi fare from the airport would cost about ¥5,600 ($56 USD). Another popular destination near the hotel is the shopping and entertainment district of Ginza which is located just a few kilometers away, those who would want to take taxis from the hotel to this area would pay about ¥1,500 ($15 USD). The Imperial palace is also located near the hotel and taxi fares would not reach over ¥1,000 ($10 USD).