If you have plans of wandering around Tokyo, be ready to join the sea of commuters riding the trains. Or, you can opt to ride a taxi and spare yourself from the stress of commuting. Before jumping into the taxi right in front of you, arm yourself with information about taxis in Tokyo.

Getting In and Out of the Taxi

Making a hand signal towards the approaching taxi is practiced in Japan. You must take note of the color shown in the window. A red light may mean that the taxi is vacant whereas a yellow light means that the taxi is on-call.

Once a taxi stops in front of you, wait for the driver to press a certain button that automatically opens the door. When you reach your destination, the driver presses again a button that opens the door. To ensure a safe travel, do not force open the door.

Reach your Destination as Easy as 1,2,3

A concern that may stop you from having a taxi ride is the language barrier. Although it is possible that there might be some miscommunication between you and the driver, worry no more as majority of the taxis in Tokyo have satellite navigation systems where you can key in the address of your destination, enabling you to arrive safe and sound.

A Price to Pay

Having a taxi ride in Tokyo may seem costly. On the first 2 kilometers of your trip, you are charged JPY 710 and JPY 80 for every succeeding 274 meters travelled. It is almost double or triple the amount of a train ticket. If you happen to take a taxi between 10PM to 5AM, there is an additional 30% surcharge on top of your total bill so as to cover for the night differential of the driver. Unfortunately, you cannot haggle with your bill as the taxi meters are regulated, ensuring accuracy of the travel charges.